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By Vladimir D'Gama- India

History  mecca 

Every pilgrim makes an effort to visit the holy city of mecca one in his life time to kiss the sacred black stone that is found within the Kaaba .

India Taj Mahal

One of India most glorious examples of architecture is the Taj Mahal at Agra. It was built in the early eighteenth century by a great ruler, Shan Began as a memorial to his beloved wife.It is Mae of marble.

Japanese housewife
The Japanese housewife is neat and clean,priding herself on the spotless qualities of her home.


The Moslem never forget the hour of prayer, no matter how far out in the desert he may be,or what work he may be engage in

The famous Victoria falls

The famous Victoria falls in Rhodesia plunge down four hundred feet into a narrow gorge ,The river Zambezi I'd a mile at the top of the falls and the spray rises and floats in the air for miles.


Australia , the land of the Golden Fleece which product aquarter of the world's wool,


The oldest town in Australia ,has a magnificent harbour which spanned by the longest single -span bridge in the world.there at four railway ,a main roadway ,and two footway on the giant bridge.

New Zealand

The native of New Zealand still hold to many of their strange rites and peculiar ceremony.

In New Zealand there are many strange tricks of Nature .The water boils and bubbies through the earth because of the great heat underneath

Nature's wonderland in Canada

Among the many magnificent sights in Canada where Nature has fashioned things on a mighty scale are the fall thundering into snake India River.The amazing tunnel  

Sight seeing amount the rough Canadian Rockies is best done on horseback

New York

New York the city of giant -scrapers, has some wonderful building to its credit. The enormous Empire state ,

The Niagara falls

The Niagara falls on the borderland of Canada and the United States are world -famed . The left hand fall , which is in the United States is167 ft. high, and the Canadian or Horseshoe Falls are 158 ft.


Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil.it has one of the finest natural harbours in the world


The Great wall of China ,fifteen hundred miles long from end to end, is an amazing piece of work , with a broad road along the top of it. The chines built it with the idea of keeping out their enemies but in this respect it proved useless , although it still stands as a tribute to the ancient workmen.


Moscow with a population of over four millions or more Like Rome ,it is built on the seven hills, The Kremlin is seen above. The building of it was begun in the 15 the century.


Warsaw is the capital of Poland.it is the finely -planned city well placed on the banks of the Vistula

Cathedral at Cologne

One of the finest building in the world is the beautiful Cathedral at Cologne. The work of building it was begun in 1248, but to many interruption was not complete until 1880 . In Germany

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