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The bird that is imprisoned by he mate at nesting time.

The nesting habits of the hornbill are very strange .The hen birds lays her eggs within the hole of a decayed tree trunk ,and when she has settled down inside the male plasters up the entrance to the nest with fruit pulp,mixed with his gastric juices,which quickly hardens and forms a strong wall.A narrow ,slit like opening is left through which the hen is able to thrust her beak and receive the food supplied to her by the male, the meals being offered in the form of little balls enclosed in a thin bag of skin from his gizzard.Thus imprisoned the hen bird sit upon her eggs, and has the satisfaction of knowing that she is safe from attention of her enemies.When the young one have hatched out from the eggs, and are two or three week old, the devoted mother breaks away with her beak the outer wall of the nest, makes her way outside, and then plaster up the exit again,leaving her offspring inside.The parent is then able to help her mate obtain food for her fast growing famil,and is able to supply her own needs .

When the young hornbill are strong enough to look after themselves; they break out of the nest and commence to lead an active life.

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