Trees Travel for many miles

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How trees travel for many miles 

When first you read this title ,you will probably think that a mistake has been made. Trees and plants you will say are firmly anchored to the ground by their roots and therefore can not travel,unless some one dig them up and carries them to another spot. But you must remember that all living things , trees and plants included ,are growing ;and when growth take place there a movement ;which is kind of travelling ,just as talk and walk or going a journey .

Consider ,for a moment ,an ordinary tree such as an Oak or Scots for and it's manner of growth

The "root system" is often more extensive than the trunk and branches, although we cannot see it without digging down into the soil,and so often forget that it is there at all. But the root are really very important,for without them the tree could never spread it's branches in the air ,or product leaves. In order to do this a constant supply of water is needed ,which it is a chief business of roots to supply so they travel through the soil in all directions, following a more or less straight course in soft loam or clay,but turn it way to avoid stones and other obstacles,and even noise their way into cracks in rocks to find they need.

A fair sized tree required more water to drink each day than full grown elephant,every drop has to be absorbed by the roots from the soil because trees can not "drink with their leaves,"

Scots fir -
Oak below 
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