How to look after a snake


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How to look after a snake growth 

Plastic tubs are the BEST snake enclosures... the only negative side is that you have to drill holes in the sides (not the top) for ventilation, and make sure the lid is escape-proof. You'll need to use an under-tank heat pad (from petco or petsmart ...etc.)since you can't use a lamp. Most snakes do better without a lamp anyway. They get too hot and dry out the air. 

btw- a plastic tub will NOT stunt the snake's growth. Why would a 36 gallon rubbermaid container stunt a snake's growth, but a 20 gallon glass aquarium wouldn't??? Just buy the appropriate size tub and you'll be fine. 

Plastic cages hold heat and humidity much better than aquariums and you can buy a slightly tinted plastic tub so that the snake will feel safer (clear glass tanks sometimes freak snakes out because they are solitary and nocturnal...seeing people, dogs, and cats walking around all day might make them feel exposed.) 

Plastic tubs are very popular and if you don't believe me, do an image search for "snake breeding facility". I've never met a snake breeder that didn't use plastic cages.
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