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You can almost see the cares of the ruler of the jungle on this noble head .King Lion not let his position keep him from preying upon his subjects. They must beware when he is on the warpath .The Lion is often called the king of Beasts,It is the largest of the cat family, seven feet or more in length, with a tail about a yard long. He hunts prey by stalking it


Most tiger live in long grass and when the sun is shining the long shadows of the grass are exactly like black stripes , so that an animals cannot easily see a tiger stalking it. The tiger is especially fond of deer, pigs, and cattle and often plays havoc among domesticated herds. In size he is only less that the Lion, being about six feet long, with tail three feet more.


Leopard are smaller than others.they are found in India and Africa ,and there is a kind called Jaguar in South America.Most kinds are spotted because they live in forest,where the sun shines through leaves and cast small round shadows. Sometimes they are black ,but you do see spot if you look carefully.

Leopard often climb trees and lie on the thick branches waiting for animals to walk underneath so that they can drop on it. Though a leopard is not so strong as a Lion or tiger it is most dangerous to shoot because it is so active.


Some of the dog animals the foxes stalk their prey as cats do.but most of the dog family catch animals be chasing them till they are tired. Most of the dog family hunt in pack because they are not very big and could not pull a deer down alone,but the whole pack together can pull down the largest animals.

Polar bear 

Bear is a flesh eaters ,though most of them eat lots of other things as well.Polar bear stalk and catch seals lying out on the ice.The seal can not see them easily because their white coat are the same colour as the snow. They swim very well and can easily get from one ice-floe to another .

Grizzly bears, which live in America , are the biggest of all bears.They kill animals when they can and are very clever to catch fish.

When the salmon come up the river in hug shoals to spawn a bear will stand in shallow water and put its big paw on any fish that comes near and hold it down on the bottom while it catches hold of it with its mouth.

The badger or Brock
As the country man call him,is a keen hunter .He is fierce and has strong jaws that inflict terrible wounds.His home is the cleanest and the best kept of all dens in the animal kingdom


It may seem strange that the largest animals which populate the earth feed entirely upon vegetable substance ,such as grass , leaves, twigs,and roots,
But the mighty elephant , the huge hippopotamus,the massive rhinoceros ,the towering giraffe, the camel ,and many other creatures subsist entirely upon such fare. 

The tallest of these great vegetarians,as they may well be called, is the giraffe,an adult male standing between seventeen and eighteen feet in height.Although it possess a very long neck and longer, slender legs,its body is quite short.The shoulders are set much higher than the hindquarter ,so that the line of the back slopes abruptly in the direction of the tail

But why has the giraffe such a long neck and long legs?

In the first place the enormous stature of the creature enable it to reach the tender topmost leaves and twigs of the mimosa trees ,upon which it so largely feeds while the high elevation of the head gives the animal a very extensive field of vision.

The giraffe can drink only when he has spread his forelegs widelybapart. This brings the base of his neck nearer the ground


The largest though not the tallest of terrestrial animals are the elephant, which are to be found in Africa and Asia.

In what ways Asiatic and African elephant differ 

The difference between the sizes of the Asiatic and African elephant ears is very marked those of the latter being so large that they almost complete cover the shoulder on either side,


Though the Rhinoceros cannot see well his sense of smell and hearing are acute.The bird on his back is his close is its association with the Rhino that it is know as the Rhinoceros Bird.No bigger than a thrush, it gets its living by picking out the ticks that breed in the folds of the animal's thick skin.and in return for its Host's hospitality warns its huge companion when danger threatens.

Passing to the Rhinoceros we come to some large vegetable eating animals which are easily recognise by the upstanding horn or horns upon their about .This is composed entirely of closely packed horny or hairy fibres and,like a loose tooth it can moved slightly from side to side , as it is not connected with the bones of the skull.

The Rhinoceros horns is regarded with stranger properties. The Arabs  for instance believe that they can accepted a drink from a stranger ,without risk of being poisoned provided the liquid is place in a Rhinoceros horn,while the Chinese and other eastern people believe that the horn of the India Rhinoceros contains a substance which posesses the power to prolong the life of a person who eat it


Camels of which are two different species the two humped or Bactria and the one humped irvArabian are very 8nteresting animals feed on vegetable substance.

The Bavarian camel has two is used as a beast of burden and carries heavy loads

The one humped camel most of them are used for ridding .The better types hired for speed, are sometimes called dromedaries,but it is not the proper name for the species of the species of one humped camels


The Buffalo is a tremendously strong beast.when a herd stampedes nothing can stop its wild differences between a bison and a Buffalo is that the former has fourteen pairs of ribs and the latter thirteen

Wart hog
of wart hog and babirusa are especially possess a large head, with a very broad ,flat muzzle.

Wart hogs come from Africa .They are chiefly nocturnal in habits ,passing the day time resting among thick bushes and under growth or else within the shelter of the disused burrow of an aardvark or earth pig. When entering a burrow the wart hog has the curious habit if going backwards while equally remarkable is it sometimes behaves when coming out, for as soon as it has emerged it take a backward  somersault and land on the ground just behind and above the mouth of the burrow

The babirusa is found only in islands of Celebes and is the most slender build than any other wild pig and it's head is very small and narrow hence the name"babirusa," which mean "pig deer"

Babirusa dwell near river and lakes. and they are expert swimmers.they become very tame in captivity. Frequency they are kept as pets .

Queer duck

The queer duck billed platypus of Australia and Tasmania burrows under the bank of a river and makes its home deep in the earth .It often builds false tunnels to mislead intruder that would seek its best.

Ant eater 

One of the most curious if living animals is the New Guinea echidna or spiny has a nose like a bird's beak, ungainly feet that turn all ways and sharp quills sticking up through its hair.

Topsy turvy 

Life is a topsy turvy business for the two-toed sloth.He shuffles along the branches if trees and legs curved around the branch. This queer beast feeds by night

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