Animal that kill

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Animals that kill their prey with their claws and teeth.

Inside the group of flesh eater there are several families .Lion ,tiger and leopards are really big cat and belong to this group. Such creatures are different from all other animals because they can draw their claws back into sheaths on the tops of their toes when they are not using them
Dog and other animals cannot do this .This is very important for cats,they catch animals by stalking them and then holding them with their claws while their bite them. If they could not draw their claws back they would soon blunt on the ground and would make a noise when they were creeping up to animals to spring on them.

Member of the cat family are found in every continent except Australia.There are even wild cats in Scotland ,but they are very rare.

They are larger than house cats and have rather shot tails. They are so fierce that if they are caught they can never be tamed, however kindly they are treated.

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