King cobra

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How do a snake  chamber "milk "their cobra 

In India snake charmers carry cobras about and play to them on queer looking pipes while the snake sway to and fro to the music .When annoyed the cobra spread it's good, that is, it contract it's neck so that it looks as if it had a peculiar good like formation .However , the snake charmers "MILK"their cobras so that they are not dangerous.That is to say, they make them strike at piece of cloth and press out their poison , the cobras must have some time to replenish the poison sacs.During this period they are not dangerous.

In the dsytimebwhen it is not in search of food.the cobra will strike on intruder with closed mouth and do no harm except cause fright.

But Native fears the cobra in this way,nothing can be doing to save it,he has decided he has been bitten and is fatally poisoned ,even though not a scrap of poison has entered his blood
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