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Bird that walk about like crippled old men 

Of these the penguins are by far the most familiar, for they are always to be seen at zoological gardens,where they prove a great attraction to visitors ,because of their comical appearance. Their leg are placed very far back upon the body , and for this reason the birds stand very upright.Moreover ,as but a small part of each leg project beyond the body the birds can only take very short steps when walking,and shuffle along as if they were little old,men suffering from corns.Their gait is most peculiar, and there is something uncannily human about their carriage .

The wings of penguins, which are covered with scale like feather , take the form of stiff paddles or flippers .They are employed by the birds for swimming, and so rapidly can they process through the water that they have no difficulty in catching the fish upon which they feeds.

There are different type of penguins , the largest being the emperor penguin of the Antarctic region, which stands nearly four feet in height, and sometimes weight more than eighty pounds.

For the female bird produces her single egg in mid winter, and deposits it upon the ice.When incubating the egg she does not sit upon it in the manner that is usual with birds but she stand up right with the egg resting upon the part of her feet,and keep it warm by enfolding it with the loose skin of the lower part of her body, which forms a kind of pouch.

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